So that’s how it feels huh?


And now, the conclusion we all were dreading. This paranoia wasn’t one of disappointment, but one of inevitability. Dreading in the sense that, at some point, this Batman saga had to end and we would be left with no more Caped Crusader.

There will be spoilers and as such this will be your only warning.

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Disassembling The Avengers

Wow, The Avengers, a movie that took 7 years to come to fruition. I had been looking forward to this for a quite a while and the moment I saw the clip after the credits of ‘Iron Man’ I knew it could truly be something special. In my younger years when I was more of a comic book kid my fandom was broken down from favorite to lesser favorite like this: The X-Men, Aliens, Batman, Iron Man and The Avengers. Basically in that order was how I bought comic books at the store with my allowance. So this review is not complete without comparing my expectations from the other comic book favorites. Be prepared, there will be SPOILERS.

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