Feeling left behind perhaps?

If you were to ask the general public what criteria defines a great rock show, you would probably get a multitude of answers. I can safely say that no matter what your answer might be I’m pretty sure I got it on Monday night.

Bloc Party came to the islands and opened Oahu’s newest concert venue, The Republik, in a fitting way. The unfinished nature of the building, the lack of a box office, the proximity to the speakers, and the spilling of a poor girls beverage(which I’ll discuss later) while immersed in sound. These all contributed to one of those nights where you noticed the faults, but didn’t care. It had that underground(second floor building) “just between us” kinda vibe to it all.

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The End Game

I experienced a moment while playing Diablo 3 recently that made me very reflective on the state of video gaming. This moment was not really special in any particular way, it was just, wrong. It felt wrong for me I suppose. As someone who started playing as a “hardcore” gamer around the time of Ultima Online it was difficult for me to realize I had just become a casual player. A “carebear” for those of you who understand the gaming community.

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